Monday, July 20, 2009


We both remembered when the wind whispered
Over the mountain top and through the tall
Pine trees and beyond the river bend

Where we found lovers path in the peaceful
Valley as a beautiful moon shined below
It was paradise to a place where we had been

Within my tomorrows my heart wants
To go back to those days but we quarrel
On the riverbank where it all began

Our love had become broken from the ashes
Of heartbreak I will arise Triumphant again.

©Johanna Fields

Midnight Hour

Our love has awaken in the midnight hour
When passion came so easy to be right
In the twilight we both seen Heaven
In satin moments silky thoughts tonight

We have our own secret to write a love story
Within our hearts and mind to last forever
In yesterdays dreams bares on our soul
In a love romance for us to endeavor

You whispered words into my ears they echoed
In a melody of a song of enchanted love
Your arms reached around me to hold me tight
As we watch the beautiful stars above.

©Johanna Fields

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Running Free

The fountain had a slow stream that was running free,
water sparkled as it flowed into the palm of the hand.
A father of time, sat reading an almanac at the table,
as the hour glass slowly dropped grains of white sand.
The old porch swing, swung back and forth in the breeze,
pushing care free in the spring air, in one of the four winds.
The sign was an article of faith that expresses God’s work,
the art was a symbol of the past, reflecting now and then.

In the distance was a whisper, then a whistle of a loud
sound of the freight train, running on the train tracks.
Lost in his thoughts, running in the fields, little by little,
losing his location, leaving behind a reality of his facts.
Reverberating through the hollow and the river bend,
what direction the sound may go, only nature will hear.
The heart seems to be running back to the country and
was set free, whose name it was calling, seemed so near.

(c) Johanna Fields

Friday, July 3, 2009

God's Lamb

Winding through the wind toward the fields,
you became my lamb on earth.
I crept softly in the clover and on the wooded path
,Still I heard your voice my dear lamb.
I knew God was close as we held each other’s hand.
In God's unity, we know we are one.
God’s chosen son, Jesus Christ, put you and me here on earth.
My dear Lord, Amen.

(c) Johanna Fields

Thursday, July 2, 2009

In This Moment

You came into my life when
I needed you most to love me
Our wild love took us to places
Of the unknown and set us free

Within my dreams I heard your
Voice echoed and called my name
Our love made us laugh in the
Sunshine we cried in the rain

We reached for the moon and stars
Up above in the nightly twilight
When two hearts comes together
With loving arms to hold us tight

In this moment you looked into my
Eyes and your words broke my heart
Then the long goodbye slipped from
Your angry lips to break us apart.

©Johanna Fields