Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Whisper

There’s a whisper in the crystal white sand,
as it sifts through the palms of the hand.
A starfish light glowed in the dark of night,
will cast the moon beam, in the ray of light.
Cry’s of white caps, as they clapped forward,
a sunset makes a perfect landing, downward.
A moment, sets a spell of peace, beyond the sea,
in a wonderful sight, once in a lifetime to see.
(c)Johanna Fields

Gods Lamb of the Fields

Monday, August 3, 2009

Romantic Kiss

There is a melody in the gentle breeze that
Night floating off in the elegant evening bliss
That cradle us both like sweet tasty red wine
Dancing together in a loveable romantic kiss

As we were dancing in the moon light to a
Wonderful glow that warmed our very soul
Secretly as our hearts touch in a loving mood
To a lover song and a romantic dance scroll

All the twinkling stars up above shinning
Like white diamonds far through the night
As we twirl each other in our dances steps
Watching the peaceful smiling moon light

In our sleepless night together we had found
Heaven up about through the fluffy soft clouds
We chase the morning dew as our voices cried
I love you in the splendor of our echoes so loud

When we face each other to hug in silences
Of words as the beautiful songs played on
We were wishing our night would never end
Live this night forever as we dance until dawn

(c) Johanna Fields

Keeksake Memories

From a gentle breeze floating
Chantilly lace in a midnight light
Casting shadows shows outside
There’s a loving moon comes insight

Breathlessly there’s a new dawn
Opens the sky in a misty dew
We got a few stolen moments
Capturing a love that we knew

Dreaming came so easy at the
End of summer hot nights
Our romance fills the fragrant air
Loving and holding each other tight

With kisses warm and tender
A heavenly love keeps us serenaded
We shall cherish our love forever
Our keepsake memories will never fade

© Johanna Fields