Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Sunset

The beautiful lake has a stillness in reflection

From it’s horizon as the day says goodbye

A lovely sunset has a spectacular view

In the orange shade of color in the October sky

Along the shore line you and I walk in the

Evening glow as the sun went down

Our voices echoed to each other in the lovely

Twilight of our words spoken in a beautiful sound

You and me in the cool gentle breeze

You wrapped your arms tightly around me

In a moment after the sunset you

Kissed me in the shadow of the pine trees

©Johanna Fields, 17th October 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Broken Dreams

A lonely bride stood still in her very own day dream
Tear’s fall silent inside her heart with pain to scream
In a dress of white the moment was here of her dream
The wedding palace she stands in a lonesome scene

She’s a mystery bride she holds within her vow to be said
A misty sky in foggy blue through these things she dread
Where was he? The love of her life was nowhere insight
In waiting for this day to wear the beautiful dress of white

The organ is playing the wedding march a melody of love
The beautiful sad bride she had second thoughts thereof
This day at the altar was different she just wanted to die
Her own world had crumbled, so she needed to run and hide

She said her good bye to yesterday’s dream right away
In life there is some choices within me to be made
Yes my love did me wrong he had left a dear John note
He’s messed up my life it’s not for the better it’s a joke.

© Johanna Fields (The Cloverpatch Poet) Johanna Fields Tuesday, October 13, 2009 Not rated by the Author.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Love Dream

The twilight moon hanging at dawns eve
Loving your warm body it embraces me
We are cradled in dreams I do believe
Darling old fantasy how can I not see

Enticing our love with sweet velvet wine
Why can’t we handle two hearts of a kind
We fell in love so deeply we are not apart
Bringing us love to feel each others heart

You take me into another world far beyond
Into our loving desire comes alive to respond
Touch me darling it’s been there quite a while
With pillow talk that we can do it our style

Only a dream to disturb my sleep tonight
Honey, I felt your arms around me tight
You gave me kisses and spread them with love
I long for you daily like for the heaven above

©Johanna Fields, (thecloverpatchpoet)

Love Forever

Satin sheets with fancy lace
Tangle upon my bed
Red rose petals trace a trail
Of hidden notes unread

To fill our hearts in stolen
Moments to echo in the night
Together we had found love
The eclipse of a full moon light

Take me into your arms
Give me an embrace to last forever
We were cryin in the wind
From the window a love to endeavor

Then we loved thru the night
A far place had a lovely glow
There was a special magic
To our beautiful world below

© Johanna Fields (The Cloverpatch Poet)