Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Upon the broken wing it follows with love

As the October comes in sight so shallow

There is the rays of the sun changing above

Hanging the frosted moon thru the willows

There is a dance that excites life within

Thru the late autumn trees turns in color

They shall fall to the echo of the wind

The last roses of season shows its beauty

The trees stands bare to shed a summer coat

A winter cold is haunting its sounds outside

The chill dies in its spirit of the heart inside

To open the doors thru many tears as love floats

It's a time to cry and hold on to dreams thats alive

Life floats beyond where peace will never hide

A new love comes a calling to the lonesome feeling

There will be a new spring as another year subsides

(c)Johanna Fields

Hurting Love

Life's promises brings us hope

For one to believe there dreams

Endurance of the year brought peace

We both found the odds it did seem

Our marriage was broken love felt

Its impact in hardships that we knew

We held on to the memories as they

Were left behind then we were threw

Love has a way of fading away

Then like a secret moment to stay

Within the heart to be free someday

The angry words did not never fade

There is this hurt inside of our souls

Love becomes ruined and sings the blues

Our goals flew like the wind so bold

Hungry heart for love to turn a leaf anew

(c)Johanna Fields

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tears of Jesus

There seems to be jewels in the big starry night
Revealing the sky and the power of His great love
In the vision of a nightly prayer comes to life
To spread His holy word into His grace above

Little one I wish for your pain and its suffering
That you face let God hold you and it will go away
Love is like a journey it takes you to places unknown
He will make memories on each of your given days

Our God holds you in His hands within your life
As His words brings peace to your very soul
Our hearts can face the storms that we walk thru
In the pouring rain and the windy wind blows below

When wisdom is learned thru loving faith of God
As the hope will inspire God has a love to give
There's a beautiful message that's painted within
In tomorrow's dreams there is a life to be lived

A prayer for Marcus who is having surgery today.
A little one's journey.
(c)Johanna Fields

Saturday, September 18, 2010

September Song

The daylight hours will enchant our love

When we danced to the twilight up above

Our sweet moments are in Heaven's bliss

There's a unique charm in everlasting kisses

A song in September whispers its words

To the beautiful melody that we have heard

There's a labor of voices to hear in the wind

We open the lock on our lover's deadly sins

The echoes inside our hearts is made to bleed

Our youth returns with our love to lead

Inside our world we took what was ours

It was a splendor thru loves beautiful hour

Beyond sweet loving affected our nightly dreams

Each love note had unraveled at the seams

Beautiful red roses was in fantasy upon the bed

In silk and satin was a delightful love whisper said

(c)Johanna Fields

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moments are Free

The September month brings fair weather
Welcomes in delightful these cooler days
In my quiet morning a prayer is said to my Lord
Only the strength of my voice is a message today

In my thoughts as I write these words to comfort
My soul to reach out to others who bares sorrow
Often my mind sometimes is cloudy in my dreams
That I dare live thru each of my fulfilling tomorrows

There is a beauty that lies in poetry that is so unseen
To capture the heart in reality for a destiny untold
One voice to read of the writer's pen relate to the words
A poem is the start of a story or thoughts to unfold

The moments are free in the verses that I write
With these gifts of love from God that's in my mind
A poem has been scribbled on paper that I can see
To be posted at Starlite in one of the challenge times

(c)Johanna Fields

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Farmer's Cry

Summer drought wears dust
Harvest weep the golden wheat
Tiny tears of bath
Hummingbird nestles nest
Lost memories hides in corners
Leaves are falling
In afternoon delight
Pushing autumn days hugs the wind
Reflection view
Fall seasons meets winter snow

(c)Johanna Fields
Decastitch Poem

Calling of the Crickets

Fall days are cooler in seasons changes of the falling leaves in color
The end of autumn days and nights will soon be long gone into fall
Wind brings a pleasant whisper to a song the crickets will be gone
My foolish dreams at night they are awakened and that is so wrong

The sky is cooler along with the pale moonlight the Earth is busy tonight
Soon it will be winter and the roses hide their velvet with the cold wind
There's a silver frost that will cover Earth to below from the Lord's sight
With their buggy design and the sad fluting of crickets in the dark night

When the seasons changes from the summer nights the crickets chirp
Wishy calls of the crickets thru the night to drive you crazy and no sleep
Soon the winter night's sounds will go away and bring a relief to the ear
Never to miss them only to hear take them fishing for bait the pond is near

(c)Johanna Fields