Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moments are Free

The September month brings fair weather
Welcomes in delightful these cooler days
In my quiet morning a prayer is said to my Lord
Only the strength of my voice is a message today

In my thoughts as I write these words to comfort
My soul to reach out to others who bares sorrow
Often my mind sometimes is cloudy in my dreams
That I dare live thru each of my fulfilling tomorrows

There is a beauty that lies in poetry that is so unseen
To capture the heart in reality for a destiny untold
One voice to read of the writer's pen relate to the words
A poem is the start of a story or thoughts to unfold

The moments are free in the verses that I write
With these gifts of love from God that's in my mind
A poem has been scribbled on paper that I can see
To be posted at Starlite in one of the challenge times

(c)Johanna Fields

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