Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Winter Vistors

There's winter visitors comes in the snow

Bringing the wind of the chilling so cold

Trees are bare naked from the frost of fall

White geese flew south beyond winter's call

When the blues of winter soaks into the soul

It reaches the heart so harsh as it is bold

Ringing of a brewing storm has angered the sky

Our Lord will protect the lovely birds that flies

Off in no man's land the eagle soars high

A secret stroll in the life of spring will hide

There's nightly dreams greatfully comes alive

All of these are the Lord's gift that we realize

The seasons are in the palm of His hands

A door is always open to nature's wonderland

In the Lord's tender love brings peace from above

To the world outside hope lives in His beauty of love

By Johanna Fields
© 2010 Johanna Fields

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