Monday, May 24, 2010

Burning Love

In our secret moments on the wings of love

Took us to these stolen places

Loving came easy for us in the twilight

Our lips touch as we both embrace

In the starry night we became sweethearts

To seek each others burning desire

To open the window there is a soft warm

Breeze and the moon had a glow of sapphire

Our kisses was alive to take us beyond

There was a shadow of a couple so in love

Our lingering feelings needed much more

As we slipped away we found Heaven above

Waltz with me darlin in the candle light

As this time belongs to only us

The music plays a love melody across

The room saying 'I love you' is a must

Lovely red roses laid upon the bed of

Lacey sheets to take my breath away

If we make it thru September everythings

Going to be allright and will bring a new day

(c) Johanna Fields

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dancing In The Rain

There's a song in the air that I breathe
Softly spoken words were a melody I heard
Listen to the sound I'm singing in the rain
The sky has a rainbow I'm feeling no pain

A spring rain is full of delight to water earth
Letting God's landscape taking on a new look
Children at play in a waterhole outside are loud
I'm singing in the rain as it falls from the clouds

The feathered friends are near by in the birdbath
They are whistling a tune as they call to their mate
Dancing in the warm rain is such fun thing to do
Hearing the drops of rain are notes to a love song

(c)Johanna Fields