Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring's In The Air

We will miss the winter's cold in our summer heat
The nightly storms when the thunder rolls its beat
A pouring rain hits the window pane from the outside
When the sleepy moon hides behind the cloud in the sky

Spring awakens no one cries cause winter's dying today
Our feathered friends are in the warmth and here to stay
The green of the earth the ole winter frost has been gone
Dandelions in the gentle breeze are happily dancing along

The fresh morning dew has a sweet taste in the sunshine
Soon the roses will take a new growth in planting time
We will see spring in shades of color upon the glowing earth
We know spring has arrived because God has given a new birth.
(c)Johanna Fields

Life In The Bootheel

Our family lived in the back woods out on the farm
Raised in Missouri up before the sound of alarm
Day begin bright and early with rise of the sun
Our work as it started it seem never to get done

The hands used by mother they bled in winter time
My heart would hurt for her she was so very kind
Farming by the sweat of the brow is what you work for
Back in those days each one of your dreams seemed to soar

Life was not easy being a shared chopper working the land
We trust in God with love our garden food we had to canned
The crops was cotton and corn and livestock to be fed
Living a poor man’s ways night and day never to succeed

A household of children went to school we had better learn
Life in the bootheel we worked in the fields as hot sun to burn
Where the dirt was gumbo our life along the mighty river banks
Under a roof with parents at home you was not to old to be spanked
© Johanna Fields