Sunday, September 12, 2010

Calling of the Crickets

Fall days are cooler in seasons changes of the falling leaves in color
The end of autumn days and nights will soon be long gone into fall
Wind brings a pleasant whisper to a song the crickets will be gone
My foolish dreams at night they are awakened and that is so wrong

The sky is cooler along with the pale moonlight the Earth is busy tonight
Soon it will be winter and the roses hide their velvet with the cold wind
There's a silver frost that will cover Earth to below from the Lord's sight
With their buggy design and the sad fluting of crickets in the dark night

When the seasons changes from the summer nights the crickets chirp
Wishy calls of the crickets thru the night to drive you crazy and no sleep
Soon the winter night's sounds will go away and bring a relief to the ear
Never to miss them only to hear take them fishing for bait the pond is near

(c)Johanna Fields

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