Sunday, December 20, 2009


Years go by, secrets become disclosed and solitude in my ownspirit lost to silent. Integrity, with knowledge to conquer the secret and to lay behind the hidden door. Locked inside the mind,suddenly it's a complete burden, a mystery to oneself, not to beneglected or violent, it would like to speak out a loud cry full of hostility, only to walk the floor.Secrets is only the hidden truths that troubles the heart, if it can find a place to hide. Let the Lord be the comforter and the communicator to the family, then there is a peace of mind. God did not make a perfect family to have absolute faith in Him. The willingness to confide in secrets are common in life. The heart is the keeper, the key is the treasure like no other of its kind,When there is a confession of a secret, be the listener, don't be the betrayer, when trust is broken, the language of love becomes betrayed, Be the rock to lean on when confronted the secret of another. The gift of a secret can unwrap the happiness, the sadness, and the weakness. The truth needs to be in the eyes of the beholder, love that endures the beauty Don,t, let hope escape it is on scared grounds as we walk through life with each other.For a family, the language of love is a word so complicated, it can not be understood. Lord take care of what we cannot see, when love knocks at my door, in reality, may we have the key to open.

Penned by Johanna Fields

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