Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spirit Beyond

In life there's new steps to take along the path
The journey seems to be so long in our daily map
There's the beauty that God has given us thru time
To what can be remembered to chase thru one's mind

There's a golden sun that will lead your way
Or maybe blinded by the rain in the sunny day
The road is long and winding with bridges to cross
God will lift you up to walk the extra mile at no cost

I will take your hand in mine as we take each step
There's the dream of life they are so free at night
Prayers will be answered as whispers thru the wind
We can never walk thru the shadows of life but once

Let tomorrow hold the key to another destiny above
As you and I face one day at a time with angel's words
Each moment in life will be filled with a spirit beyond
God has a price to be paid as we live on in His holy word

(c)Johanna Fields

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